About Me

I see a miracle in every atom whose vibration emits a visible wavelength of light, but human nature in the invisible…

[Warning: I have not updated this section since ~2009, so all of this may or may not be applicable today.]

Anyone can be sitting behind the monitor. But in this case, it’s me. Here are some quick facts about The Me.

1. Nicknames. I always have trouble with finding the right nicknames for myself when I join blog sites, Youtube, forums, you name it. For some reason, I can never think of the right name that fits me. It usually hits me at the wrong time, like when I am trying to fall asleep or when I am being violent with my friends. In fact, since I first succumbed to the dark world of the World Wide Web, I think I made so much accounts and pages on such a large variety of different sites that I would probably never find half of them right now.

2. Bad Habits. We all have bad habits, don’t we? Except I’m not like you guys. I am a difficult case. My bad habits rage from procrastination to carelessness to the will to use sarcastic remarks against my enemies. But that’s not much of a habit though, it’s more like an adaptation. I wish I could rid myself off the horrible wrath of procrastination, but I’ll do that later. Seriously. I vow to do it tomorrow.

3. Social Oddity. Unlike most people, I am socially very odd. No, not inept. Just odd. A normal person’s comeback to something humorous or witty consists of the three blissful letters: LOL. Or, Like, OMG. But you see guys, I don’t do those things. Maybe I was raised in the wrong anti-modern cultural environment? I don’t know. But I usually like there to be meaning behind a conversation.

4. Neatness Disorder. Even though it is a rare occasion for me to clean my keyboard, I can be very much neat-freakish at random times. If a calendar or poster hangs at the wrong angle, I can’t stand it. Or when a stack of papers in unevenly balanced. Gosh, I hate that. It makes me squirm even thinking about it, probably like you do at the sound of NAILS against the chalkboard. Screeching.

5. Blunt Taste. Yes, I have a very blunt taste. I don’t like flashy technology, flashy clothes, or flashy furniture. I don’t like most sweet things, even though I lied on my sidebar. I don’t understand all that blind fascination with Superbowl, or why the heck Miley Cyprus, or whatever the brat’s name is, is spreading fallacies to the drama-hungry little girls. I don’t see any particular joy in Starbucks or eating pancakes for breakfast. I guess I should have been born a British person!

Bonus info. I am into sports, but I am not a jock. I am just a nerd in an athlete’s clothing, I guess. 😉 Sports I like include but are not limited to:

  • Volleyball. Awesome.
  • Ping pong. (a.k.a my summer)
  • Swimming. On occasion. In a lake. S’il te plait.
  • Figure skating. Without question.
  • Is chess a sport? (Yes. It is. Let’s call it a sport of the mind.)
  • How about badminton?
  • I also like roller skating. I did it once last summer. Hey, I was pretty good!
  • Um, reading. It’s pretty competitive. It’s a sport.
  • Oh! Tennis. Princess.. of tennis. That’s me.

Where else can you find me?

And basically anywhere. That’s just what, like 10% of the things that I am on. I also lurk in corners, and work part-time in a tooth paste manufacturing factory – I am the person who screws on the caps!

Net Favorites

Check out some of my favorite places on the web!

Favorite Websites: deviantART, Physics for the 21st Century, Goodreads, MIT Open Courseware, Innovations Report
Favorite Blogs: Unapologetic Mathematician, A Mind for Madness, What’s New It’s Never Too Late, MIT Admissions, Behind the Name (of course)
Favorite tutorial sites:  Cyclismo, Open Book Project
Fun & funny:  Smile!, Free Rice, xkcd.com, PhD Comics


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow. You are the realist person I’ve ever met (well, not really). I love watching your skating videos and your taste on everything is so sensible. You seem really down-to-earth and you don’t see that a lot these days. 🙂


  2. So you know who I am, I think you do. But this must have been written before I met you, because you’re different now. You are definitely not “socially odd” because you talk to me. I tell you all of the gossip that goes around the school, so you can’t say that about yourself. I also secretly think you like the drama that goes on in other people’s lives. I also think you say “OMG” and stuff like that… I think. Also, who was the one that went to Starbucks for our English project? Hahaha so this is what I do in the middle of the night… I stalk you! Hahaha JKJK but you really need to come back to America so I can learn some Russian!
    Oh, and I read your entire blog, because I DEFINITELY have a life *sarcasm*. Alright, this is enough writing. 🙂


    1. OMG (hah, just watch that amazing internet slang!!)! I really was different. How dare I criticize starbucks?!?! By the way, gossip FTW.* Can’t wait to hear it! 😉

      * for the win. yup. 🙂 😉


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